1. Five Reasons to Take Dance Lessons, Part Two

    In our last blog, we talked about two great reasons to start dance lessons in Reston: preparing for your wedding, and surprising your lover. Today, we’ll cover three more things to consider:

    Get in shape
    Dancing is a great way to stay healthy. Most people are surprised to learn how great of a cardio workout you can have just by spending the night dancing. As you continue to dance and develop your skills, you’ll quickly learn that in addition to great cardio health, your strength and sense of balance are also improving. The desire to hone your dancing skills is also a great motivator to hit the gym, go for a run, eat better, and just generally lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Meet new friends
    Making new friends can be more difficult as life goes on, but it doesn’t have to be. Dance lessons in Reston are a great place to meet new people who share your interests. Being in the same class means that the ice is already broken!

    Have fun
    And here it is, the most important reason of them all. Having fun is the key to being a great dancer. When you are able to shed your inhibitions and have a great time, you’ve made it. Having fun while you are dancing is also a great stress reliever.

    As you can see, dancing has a wide variety of benefits. We hope you’ll consider signing up for dance lessons in Reston soon! Contact us today to sign up for your complimentary lesson.

  2. Five Reasons to Take Dance Lessons, Part One

    Dancing has a wide variety of great benefits, including many that you may not have considered before. In this two-part blog series, we will discuss five reasons to consider taking dance lessons in Reston. Here are the first two:

    Prepare for your wedding
    One of the most common reasons that people become interested in learning how to dance is so that they can dance confidently at their wedding. We can help make the happiest day of your life that much more memorable. If you ask most people what they remember about their wedding night, they will likely tell you about their reception. When the bride and groom are having a blast on the dance floor, it encourages the other guests to get involved too! Start early and have your dance moves mastered by the big day.

    Surprise your lover
    Dancing can be a fantastic way to reinvigorate your love life. If you have the right skills, dance can be an intimate and loving activity that you share with your partner. If you have never been a great dancer, don’t worry. Our classes are designed to help anyone become a better dancer, no matter what skill level they currently have. Improving your dancing doesn’t have to be a secret. Couples classes are another great way to grow closer while learning a new and fun skill.

    No matter what reason you have for taking dance lessons in Reston, we hope to see you soon. Contact us today to sign up for your complimentary dance lesson!

  3. The Most Common Mistakes When Learning To Ballroom Dance

    As a ballroom dance instructor, I have found that the most difficult thing for people to learn is to unlearn a bad habit. Changing the way we always do certain things takes time and effort. Whether you are a seasoned ballroom dancer or just started dance lessons in Herndon, we all have some bad habits that we are trying to break. Below are the five most common mistakes or bad habits that students make:

    1. Looking Down – Many beginning ballroom dancers tend to look down at their feet, unsure of where they should move, and afraid to step on their partner. This can be a difficult habit to break. Looking down affects your posture, causing shoulders to hunch forward and weakens the dance frame. The goal of social dancing is to use your body to communicate everything to your partner. Try to feel where your partner is moving in order to determine where to place your foot, rather than allowing your gaze to fall to the floor. A good way to practice looking up is picking a focal point that is high up in the room, such as a clock, a window, or your partner’s smile.


    • Weak Elbows – The dance frame is the most important part of ballroom dancing. The frame is the main way leader and follower are able to communicate on the floor. Both partners need to maintain strength in their arms and backs. If dancers let their elbows lose tension, the lines of communication are broken and partners are unable to relay messages. A good exercise for this is to stand facing a wall. Lift your arms in front of you, place palms on the wall and lean forward slightly, shifting your weight toward the wall (almost as though you were doing a push up).


    • Raised Shoulders – A lot of us carry our tension, stress, or anxiety in our shoulders. While we dance, sometimes we start focusing so much on footwork, frame, looking up, etc, that the stress of it begins to show in our shoulders. It is very common for shoulders to tighten and raise up, creating a scrunched upper body. If this happens, take a moment to breathe and relax, rolling the shoulders back and down.


    • Big Steps – This is a hard habit to break, especially if you have long legs! Often, beginning dancers take very wide steps. This makes dancing difficult because it can throw you off balance and cause you to move too slowly with the rhythm of a song. Plus, if you step too far it can be hard for your partner to keep up, or you may step on their toes.


    • Getting Frustrated – Sometimes during a dance lesson, it is easy to get caught up in perfecting each step. However, some steps are complicated and troublesome to learn. When you encounter this, it is natural to feel frustrated. Many dancers hit a wall when they are unable to improve a step or don’t catch on quickly.

    At Fred Astaire, we want to help you to become the dancer you have always wanted to be. Stop in and sign up today.

  4. Spice Up Your Marriage With Dance Lessons

    When it comes to relationships, it is important to keep the flame alive. There are plenty of activities for couples to choose from to do together as a hobby. Dance lessons in Herndon is a great opportunity that will benefit you and your spouse, not just for a moment, but for the rest of your lives.

    7 Ways Taking Dance Lessons Will Spice Up Your Marriage

    • Dancing promotes a healthy heart physically and emotionally.
      • Along with the benefit of a happy heart from enjoying quality time with your spouse, dancing also increases blood flow and heart rate, giving you exercise while having fun.
    • Connection
      • Dancing with your spouse allows you to connect on a level that you may have been too busy for.
    • Romance
      • Dancing together can put you in a romantic mood. Touching and holding each other to the music is a romantic skill that any couple can add to their relationship.
    • Confidence
      • Dancing can help build one’s self-esteem, which not only benefits the person but also the relationship.
    • Teamwork
      • Dancing requires you both to work as a team!
    • Date Night
      • Learning how to dance affords you more opportunities to go on dates and dance together. A skill that will last for the rest of your life.
    • Communication
      • Dancing requires you to communicate with each other, not only verbally but also through movement.

    No matter what style of dance you and your spouse choose, our instructors are passionate teachers and have lifelong experience in dance. Give us a call and find out why Fred Astaire is the best studio for dance lessons in Herndon.


  5. How To Throw The Best Holiday Party

    Finding tips on how to throw the best holiday party can be hard to come by. Fred Astaire has your “how to throw a party” tips right here to ensure that your guests have the best time at your upcoming holiday party. No need to worry because these tips are for the budget conscious as well.

    Every good holiday party should start with a theme and it should be a theme that can carry throughout the party too, from the food all the way to the decor. Why not consider dance studio rental in Herndon for your event? Our ballroom is the perfect venue to pull off the event of the year.
    In this day and age, great parties revolve around food.Make sure your food is pleasing to all guests, tastes great, is perfectly presented and makes guests want to come back for more.
    Plan Ahead
    When throwing a party, make sure that you plan ahead for anything and everything. If you plan on having alcohol at the party, it is important to have plenty of food.
    This is a no brainer! Our ballroom comfortably accommodates 150 dinner guests. Our kitchen comes with a refrigerator, microwave and bar space. New sprung floors are gentle on dancing feet and our state of the art sound system will keep people dancing through the night. Not to mention our affordable prices will make your holiday party the best party of the year.
    Decorate With Natural Elements
    Don’t buy expensive holiday decorations for a party when there are plenty of materials in your yard. Take real fruit and spray paint them for classy centerpieces.
    Create Ambience With Candles
    Use candles everywhere! If you don’t have enough candleholders, use glasses and teacups. You can also turn glasses upside down as a stand for pillar candles. You can also fill glasses with sand or decorative rocks to hold candles in place.

    We have your holiday party covered. Call us today and reserve our dance studio. We guarantee that your guests will be impressed and your gathering will be the event of the year.