1. Empty Nest Syndrome

    – When some parents send their kids off to the college, the empty nest syndrome can hit hard.

    Instead of having a pity-party, some parents are having a party on the dance floor as a way to reconnect with each other.

    Bob and Meredith Jackson have been married for 35 years, but when they dance, they look like newlyweds.

    “Coming here this has just been an extraordinarily open and accepting group. It’s a fun activity. It’s something I can enjoy doing with my wife,” Bob Jackson said.

    The couple started ballroom dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Greensboro a little more than two years ago.

    At that time, their children had graduated from college and were beginning their own lives.

    “It’s easier to be a  couple when you’re involved in your children’s activities because that’s preset things you pretty much have to do, but when they’re gone, there’s a lot of open space there and you kind of have to reinvent or figure it out,” Meredith Jackson said.

    The couple says dancing gave them a new connection because dancing together requires communication.

    Studio Manager Dasha Chube also says dancing can help empty-nesters renew romance.

    “Ballroom dancing is a very romantic and a sexy activity, and a lot of people I know are looking for that as well. Now that they only have each other and have to kind of bring that back maybe, so that’s a great way of doing it,” Chube said.

    “They’re dancing and they’re looking at each other the whole time and they’re smiling, it’s wonderful,” she added.

    The Jacksons are looking forward to showcasing their dance skills at their son’s wedding in April.