FAstaireSmFred Astaire left a lasting impact on the world, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of dance. Considered by many to be the greatest dancer of all time, Fred Astaire wanted to establish a chain of dance studios under his name to make sure that his techniques would be preserved and passed on to future generations of dancers.

Mr. Astaire was instrumental in the design of the curriculum and the instructional techniques used in the studios that bear his name. With the opening of the first Fred Astaire Studio on Park Avenue in NYC, Fred Astaire shared his immense talents not just through the beloved Hollywood movies in which he starred, but out onto the dance floors of America and the rest of the world.

When asked about dancing, Fred Astaire once said, “ I enjoy every minute of it. I am glad that I can now put my knowledge to use in bringing personal confidence and a feeling of achievement to so many people.”

Although Mr. Astaire is no longer with us in person, our studios have produced a wealth of amateur and professional dancers who are living embodiments of his style and grace.

All Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios are required to maintain the highest standards of excellence through our National Dance Board and Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios curriculum certifications.