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At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston, we offer stellar instruction and flexible teaching styles for a large variety of the most popular ballroom and Latin dances. From salsa dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, to competitive dance lessons Fred Astaire can get you moving!

Bridal parties and formal events usually include this dance. What it lacks in passion and energy, it more than makes up for with its romanticism.

For those who want to learn ballroom dancing, the foxtrot is always a great dance lesson to start with.

No other dance exudes as much passion as the tango. It requires both dancers to work in perfect unison while keeping close proximity, which creates a palpable sensuality between partners.

The Viennese Waltz can be very difficult and challenging for a beginning dance lesson, but once you've mastered it you will look enchanting on the dance floor.

The quickstep is one of the liveliest dances on Earth. The movements are fast-paced, fluid, and exciting.

The Rumba is an increasingly popular Latin dance that dates back nearly 400 years. Other names for the Rumba include the “Latin get-acquainted-dance” or “the wiggle.”

The Cha-Cha derives from the Mambo, and is now one of the most fun and popular dances to learn. This dance is also called the Triple Mambo.

A popular blend of several African American dances, including the Lindy, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, and many other dances from the last 90 years. A very fun dance lesson for singles and couples.

A fun, rhythmic fusion of swing and Cuban music! The mamba was originally played as any Rumba with a different ending, but has now grown to be something all its own.

The salsa is a perfect dance compliment to Latin music. Its style is derived from Cuban, Cha-Cha, and mambo dance forms.

A Brazilian dance introduced in 1917, but adopted as a ballroom dance in 1930. This dance is also known as a Carioca, Baion, or Batucado.

Merengue is a style of Latin American music and dance with a two-step beat. Partners hold each other in a closed position. The tempo of the music may be frantic, but the upper body is kept majestic and the turns are slow.

An entire genre of dancing more than a specific dance, the hustle is all about disco! Disco has strong roots in Swing, Samba, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Foxtrot, and Tango, and you’ll see some of these influences reflected in these dances.

The "Dance of Love” was created by Spanish dancer Sebastian Cereza in 1780. Since then the Bolero has remained a great way to express sensuous feelings.

This dance is perfect for leaders that want to have a laid back, cool look, and for those followers that don't mind a little attention.

Earthy, sexy, and intimate, the Bachata will get you close with your partner. In The 1980's Bachata was considered too vulgar, crude and musically rustic to enter mainstream music, but now it is seen for its beauty.

A great Jive has plenty of spins, kicks, and flicks of the feet. Although one could attempt this dance socially, it is not ideally suited for crowded dance floors.

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