Have you been thinking about taking some dance classes but you aren’t sure which dance school is right for you? At the Fred Astaire Franchise Dance Studio in Reston you will receive world-class dance instruction from dedicated and highly skilled dance teachers who really love what they do. What sets our studio apart from others is that we get you dancing as soon as possible so that you can fall in love with dance quickly! We have found that our students love our school because of the instructors and the studio itself. If you have been looking for a Top Rated Local® dance studio, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston will be perfect for you! Contact us today to learn more about us or to sign up for a free introductory lesson today!

  1. Take Dance Lessons to Reduce Stress

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  2. Why Dance Is So Captivating

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  3. How Dance Classes Can Make You a Better Innovator

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  4. Dance Lessons Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

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  6. Dance to Unlock Your Creativity

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