1. Learn to Dance Before the Holiday Season

    We know it’s still early but if you want to be prepared for the holiday season, now is the time to start getting ready. We aren’t talking about food — we’re talking about learning how to dance! Like most people, you’re probably going to get invited to a lot of parties over the holiday season, and if you want to make a good impression on people, dance is a great way to do it!

    Impress your significant other when you take their hand and lead them onto the dance floor at your office holiday party, or show off your new moves to your friends and family members on New Year’s Eve. Dancing is a wonderful way to have a lot of fun and it will keep you moving and active during the colder months. Instead of sitting around and watching TV as the fall and winter progresses, head on over to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston to learn a new skill. If nothing else, dance will help you work off an extra helping or two during holiday meals!

    Contact us today to learn about some of the dance classes that we offer or to sign up for your first class! Our instructors are highly trained dancers who love helping people unlock their passion for dance.

  2. Dance to Unlock Your Creativity

    Dancing isn’t just an incredible way to have fun, stay fit, and meet new people, it can also help you regain or improve your creativity in a number of other disciplines. People from all walks of life have turned to dance to reignite a spark they felt they had lost or to engage in a new facet of their creativity. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston, we are proud to offer a wide variety of dance classes in many different styles. Our instructors will have you moving and learning at your very first lesson! Contact us today to learn more about our dance studio or to sign up for a class.

    Exercise Helps You Focus, Focus Aids Creativity

    While many people believe that creativity strikes at random, that just isn’t the case. Creativity requires a mind that is free of distraction, a mind that is ready to get down to the work of doing. Dance is an excellent method for clearing your mind because it helps to reduce stress, which allows your brain to forget about other problems and hone in on what is important. The endorphins released during exercise can help even an overwhelmed mind better approach problems and prioritize tasks. While low-impact exercises, like walking, can help, getting your heart rate up will help even more.

    One of the most important ways that dance can aid creativity is by showing you a new way to learn. Concentrating on learning something new can help you approach other problems from a different angle. Even if you are an athletic person, dance is very different from playing solo or team sports because of the balance of physicality and repetition that is required. Combining two different parts of your mind and your body can help create new associations and paradigms that may help you make connections that might have otherwise been missed without dance.

    Dance Teaches You How to Practice

    We mentioned repetition above, and we feel that it is important to speak about how vital it is to improving your skills in everything from dance to other creative pursuits. Practice is truly the most important factor when it comes to success in any field. Whether you want to become the next great dancer, painter, novelist, cartoonist, or businessperson, practice, and the ability to learn how to improve yourself through repetition, is what will help you advance and sharpen your skills. The popular conception of the brilliant, natural artist is a myth. Some people may have a little more inborn talent, but without practice, their talent will quickly be surpassed by someone who put the time into improving their skills. Don’t mistake the idea of practice as humorless and grim, though. Practice, when engaged in thoughtfully and often, will become an important part of your life that you look forward to doing and that you will feel bad about if you skip. Talk to anyone who has reached a high level in their field and they will tell you that it took work, not luck, not some natural talent, for them to get to where they are.

    If you want to learn how to dance to give your creativity a jump start or to have fun, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston is a great place to do it! Our dance instructors are passionate, talented, and devoted to teaching movement to people of all ages and skill levels. Contact us today for more information about our dance school or sign up for your first lesson! We offer several different styles of ballroom dance lessons, foxtrot, tango, swing, hustle, and many more.

  3. How Dancing Can Help You With Business: Part Two

    In the first part of this blog series, we discussed a few of the ways that learning to dance can help improve your work life. Practice, flexibility, and awareness of your surroundings are all important factors in dance and in business, and perfecting them in one field can help you apply them in the other. Today, we will continue to look at the ways that dance can inform and influence your business in positive ways.

    If you have been thinking about taking dance lessons or this blog series has inspired you to give dance classes a shot, give us a call at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston. We have classes in many different kinds of dance, and for dancers of all ages and experience levels. Our instructors are wonderful dancers who want to help you move more confidently both on the dance floor and in other areas of your life, so contact us today to learn more about our studio and to sign up for a free introductory lesson!

    The Importance of Technique

    Technique can seem like an amorphous concept, but in this blog we will define it as the way that someone performs a task. In business, technique is an important part of the value that you offer the company you work for. Technique is what makes the difference between being a reliable team member and being someone that may not be able to be counted on in any given situation. If you work at developing a technique that is exact and efficient, your coworkers and superiors will go to you in order to get things done.

    One of the most important parts of dance is working on mastering your technique. While nailing a dip is different than slam-dunking a presentation, both require an attention to detail and a willingness to practice again and again in order to achieve perfection. The skills associated with practice in dance will help you develop better working techniques because, as you see improvements in your dance techniques, your brain will realize that practice really can improve skills that were atrophied or didn’t exist in the first place. Working at developing a skill can lead you to fall back in love with something that you had grown tired of and it may even give you a new appreciation for a part of your job that you thought you didn’t care for.

    Refining your techniques may also help you discover new, more efficient ways to complete tasks that can help save your company money. Innovation is driven by people who are masters in their field who understand their business so well that they are able to look at their work from a different position and ask ‘how could this be better?’

    If you are ready to take your business skills to the next level, a dance class at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston might be the best way to do it! Contact us for information about our foxtrot, waltz, tango, swing, or salsa classes now. Dance can help you be better at your job and it will make you feel better physically and mentally.

  4. How Dance Can Be Therapeutic

    If you have ever danced, whether it was it your kitchen alone or with a lot of other people at a wedding or concert, you know just how invigorating it is. Connecting with music in a physical way has been an important part of the human experience for thousands of years, and as long as we keep making music, dancing will be right there with it. Recently, dance has been used to help people deal with a wide range of issues. People with depression and anxiety, as well as people with severe special needs, have found dancing to be an incredible way to improve their lives.

    With this is mind, we wanted to write this blog as a way to explain some of the ways that dancing can be therapeutic. Even if you aren’t dealing with anything negative, dance can still improve your life in ways you might not have thought possible. Read on to learn about a few of the ways that dancing can improve your life, and then give us a call at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston. We would love to help you find a form of dance that makes you happier and healthier. Our dance school is full of highly trained instructors and passionate dancers who want to make the artform come alive for all of their students.

    Improve Fitness

    Too many of us spend too much time sitting down, either at our jobs or when we are at home. While sitting around is not in and of itself a cause of depression or social anxiety, if we spend too much time lazing around, we aren’t spending enough time doing physical activities. A lack of exercise has been tied to so many health problems that we don’t have enough time to mention them all here. Taking the time to go out and dance is a great way to do something fun that will also make you feel better physically. A regular exercise regimen will help you sleep better and eat better, which can greatly improve your mental health.

    Boost Self-Esteem

    Sometimes we fall into ruts where we feel bad about ourselves. Maybe we feel like we aren’t attractive or fit enough, that we aren’t interesting enough, or that we don’t feel like we have anything to offer anyone else. Maybe we have suffered some sort of setback (an accident, a loss in the family) that has prevented us from doing the things we used to love. No matter why you’re not feeling good about yourself, dance can help. Spending time with other people while learning a new skill is one of the best ways to feel like yourself again. Even if you are limited physically, there are many different forms of dance that you can learn.

    Emotional and Creative Expression

    If you have ever watched a dance competition or seen professional dancers perform on stage, you have probably noticed how happy, even ecstatic, that most of them appear to be. While the satisfaction of exercise is great, it doesn’t really explain that level of happiness. So, what is it, exactly? It’s creative and emotional expression. Even in the most rigidly structured forms of dance, you are still the one bringing it to life. You are the person who is grabbing something from the ether and wrestling it into the real world for yourself and others to see. If you have always wanted to be a painter or a writer but could never create a brush stroke or a sentence you liked, then you might just be a dancer. Creative and emotional satisfaction are sensations that everyone could use more of.

    Relieve Stress

    This reason is pretty obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked or understated. In America, we are too stressed out. In fact, stress seems to be a badge of honor or the standard operating procedure for most people. Whatever the reason for that is, you can’t let stress pile up for too long. Not only will it affect your mental well being, it can have physical effects, too. Dancing, thanks to the exercise and emotional fulfillment you get from it, is an outstanding way to relieve stress without feeling guilty that you wasted part of your day or evening.

    If you’re ready to experience some or all of these benefits, give us a call and sign up for a dance lesson today. We would love to teach you to dance!

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  5. How Dancing Can Help You With Business: Part One

    While the title of this blog might have you scratching or shaking your head, there are a number of important similarities between business and dance, and learning how to dance may actually help you be more successful at work! Read on to learn more about these interesting connections, and then give us a call at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston. We have a large number of dance classes that can help you get moving, and thinking, in new ways! From the waltz to the foxtrot, the dances we teach might be just what you need to help you feel better and take the steps you want to make your work life more rewarding.

    The Ability to Be Flexible

    While we should stand strong and tall when it comes to our principles, in business and in dance, we need to know when the ability to flex and adapt is necessary. Dancing with a partner is similar to working with other people in that there comes a time to lead and a time to follow. If you are feeling trepidation about a new project, allow your partner to take the lead. Watching someone else work (or dance) might be what you need to learn a new dance or to grow the confidence you need to take on another project that might be more important to you.

    Being Aware of What is Around You

    While this can be taken literally, the more important lesson is the figurative one. Understanding your surroundings in dance and in business is as much about understanding a physical space as it is about knowing what space (role) you occupy. When you understand how you move about a space, you understand what it is about you that helps a dance or a company. By better understanding what you are supposed to be doing and how, you understand the nature of the dance itself. When you understand the dance, you see the logic and the art that built it. By applying these thoughts to the place you work, you can see what your role is, why it matters, and how to improve it in order to make yourself more valuable.

    The Importance of Practice

    If you have ever watched excellent dancers, you know just how effortless their movements appear. While you have heard this throughout your life, it takes tons and tons of practice to make it look natural and carefree. Being a “go-to” person at your company requires the same dedication to practice. Even if you are the most gifted person in your department, talent alone is worthless if you don’t apply it correctly. By showing up to work each day ready to “practice,” you will gain an understanding of the energy and motivations that keep your company running. While it may seem that there are many inefficiencies in any new place of work or any dance rudiment, over time, you will understand how what feels like a hesitation is actually a great place to catch your breath or ensure that the work is being completed using the best practices.

    We hope that you learned a few ways to connect your life as a dancer to your life at your job. Check back soon for more ways that business and dance are linked together in interesting ways. To get started with a new form of dance that may help you in other areas of your life, give us a call at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston! We would love to help you move better and think better by teaching you a new form of dance! We have dance classes for a large number of dance styles every week, so if you are ready to move, we are ready to teach you how.

  6. Which Dance Class Should I Take?

    Dance is such a popular form of exercise and artistic expression because everyone knows what it is like to move in rhythm with music, to feel the beat move you, to want to get up and move. If you have been dancing around your house by yourself for years and you want to take some formal lessons, you might have gotten stumped by the very simple question: what dance class should I take? If you have no formal training, you might not know what kind of dance you are most interested in.

    In this blog, we will cover a few of the kinds of dance lessons that we offer at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Herndon in the hopes that one of them will spark your interest. If you find one you want to try, contact us right now to sign up for a free introductory lesson! Or give us a call if you still aren’t certain; one of of dance instructors will be happy to talk to you to help you find a dance you would like to try out!

    Ballroom Dancing

    Ballroom dancing is a term that covers several different styles of dance done with a partner, including the waltz and the foxtrot, along with certain styles of Latin dance like mambo and cha-cha.

    • Waltz: The waltz is one of the most popular dance styles found in the western world. It is a very romantic dance that is typically seen at formal events and weddings. Characterized by its grace and large, sweeping movements, the waltz originally comes from 17th century Bavaria and Austria.
    • Viennese Waltz – This waltz traces its origins to 16th century France. Generally, the Viennese waltz is considerably faster than the waltz and features different footwork and patterns.
    • Foxtrot – Created in America in the early 1900s as a form of dance to accompany ragtime, the foxtrot is another popular form of ballroom dancing. One of the main differences between foxtrot and a waltz is that foxtrot features a 4/4 time signature instead of a 3/4. This makes the foxtrot look and feel different.
    • Tango – While the passion and intensity of this dance may feel very different from the formal and slightly stiffer waltzes, tango is itself a popular ballroom dance style and is one of the dances performed in international competitions. Originating in Argentina in the 1800s, the tango focuses on the harmonious movement of the couple as the music rises.
    • Mambo – A dance focused on rhythm and combining traditional Cuban dance styles with swing. This is an energetic and exciting dance that couples of all ages and experience levels will love!
    • Cha-Cha – A derivation of the Mambo, cha-cha is another exciting Cuban dance that ups the tempo and the fun!

    We hope that one or more of these styles of ballroom dancing sounds like fun! If you’re ready to sign up for a dance class today, please contact us and find out when you can come in and start moving! We’re conveniently located in Herndon and we can’t wait to teach you how to dance!

  7. Dance Lesson FAQs

    If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for some dance classes at the Fred Astaire franchise dance studio in Reston and Herndon, you probably have a few questions. In this blog, we’re going to answer a few frequently asked questions about dance lessons.

    If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want to take some dance lessons, let us tell you about our dance studio. First, we are a part of the Fred Astaire franchise dance studios, which means we come from a long lineage of people who really love dance. At our studio, you’ll learn from instructors who are wonderful dancers and teachers. We offer lessons in many different styles of dance, so no matter what you’re into, we probably have a class devoted to your particular preference! Our studio is a great place to meet new people who love to dance, and each week we have a dance party where the students from all of the different classes can come together and see what other people have been working on.

    What to Wear

    The best advice we have about what to wear to your dance lessons is pretty simple: dress for movement. You’ll want clothes that allow you to stretch and move around without impeding you in any way. However, just because you can move in a giant sweater and a long skirt doesn’t mean that they are ideal for a dance class. Items that are too big can make it harder for your partner to dance with you, or can trip you up.

    In short:

    • Wear clothes that move with you but ones that aren’t so long that you might trip over them.
    • If you wear tight clothes, makes sure you can breathe and stretch in them.
    • Wear shoes that aren’t too heavy or clunky, and tie your laces snugly to make sure you (or your partner) won’t trip over them!

    How Long Will It Be Before I Can Dance?

    While it might take years to fully master a dance, at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Herndon, we’ll have you dancing on your very first day. We’ve always found that the best way to get people to really fall in love with dance is to have them learning and performing the basic moves right from the beginning. Not only does this prevent you from getting bored, it helps the basics become muscle memory, which is absolutely essential for internalizing a dance and making it a part of yourself.

    Come back soon, as we are always posting new blogs about dance, as well as photos from some of the many events that we host at our dance studio. If you’re interested in learning how to dance for fun or because you have a wedding coming up, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to talk to you about all of the different style options that are available to you. We teach everything from the waltz to salsa, rumba, foxtrot, samba, swing, and so many more!

  8. Why Should I Take Dance Classes?

    Dance is one of the earliest forms of human expression and has been an important part of almost every single culture on earth. If connecting to our shared history and humanity isn’t a good enough reason to come by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston and take a dance class, below you’ll find a few more reasons!

    When you’re ready to start dancing, give us a call. We have classes for some of the world’s most beloved dances, including ballroom, samba, waltz, salsa, mambo, and many others, at levels from beginner to advanced.

    Dancing Can Improve Your Health

    Dancing has, time and time again, been shown to be incredibly beneficial to your overall health. Regular cardiovascular activity can help slow down or prevent everything from heart disease to dementia, as well as many other health issues. Learning how to dance can help you rebuild any strength and dexterity that you have lost as a result of an injury or accident, and it can help you manage your weight.

    People who dance regularly also find that they suffer from depression and anxiety less than people who don’t exercise normally. Physical activities like dancing help keep your body on a normal sleep schedule which in turn keeps your body healthier and your mind happier!

    Dancing Helps You Meet New People

    While dancing by yourself is great, dancing with others and becoming part of a community is an experience that you will cherish forever. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston, we have many different levels of dance classes, so you’ll be working and dancing alongside people who are at similar skill levels. Working with others at your level will help encourage you to keep going and it will stop you from feeling discouraged. The friendships you forge in dance class are friendships that tend to last because they are based on mutual interests and respect for each other’s skills and dedication to dance.

    Our dance school is set up in a way that encourages people to join together to become better dancers. We offer weekly dance parties where people from different classes and skill levels can get together and show off what they’ve learned and teach others some new moves.

    Dancing Lets You Have Fun!

    All of us lead increasingly busy lives. Between long hours at work, time spent with the family, and all of the other commitments we have, it can be difficult to carve out any time doing things that we want to do for ourselves. Dance classes are one great way to enjoy some time alone or with your partner. Even if you only take one class a week, your happiness can increase dramatically and you’ll look forward to the moment when you get to get out there on the floor and move!

    Call us at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston today to find out when you can start taking dance lessons! We offer classes for dancers of all ages with instructors who are accomplished dancers and wonderful teachers. Our goal is to help you move the way you’ve always wanted to!

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  9. Learn How To Dance!

    At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Herndon, we teach people of all ages how to dance. When you take a dance lesson with us, you’ll start out with a group of people at your skill level so you can all grow as dancers together. Each one of our classes is taught by a dance instructor who not only loves dance, but knows how to make it fun for everyone involved.

    Founded in part by the inimitable Fred Astaire, the Reston location of the Fred Astaire franchise dance studio is dedicated to honoring his memory by making dance available to everyone! In this blog, you’ll find some information about the many styles of dance that we teach. If you’re ready to dive in and start moving your feet and having some fun, please give us a call today!


    The waltz is an elegant, sweeping dance often seen at weddings and formal galas. This is an incredibly romantic style of dance that is found all over the world. Knowing how to waltz ensures that you’ll always be ready to dance at the most formal and upscale events.


    The tango is one of the most energetic, romantic, and passionate forms of dance around. Dancers stay very close and move perfectly together. If you’re looking for something intense and exhilarating to try with your partner, the tango might be the perfect choice!


    A high-energy combination of swing and Cuban dance! It is sassy, hip-shaking fun for partners who love to move to uptempo music that is full of bombastic horns and driving drums. Make a splash at your next company party or wedding when you get out on the floor and show everyone how well you can move.


    This is a fun Latin dance style that brings together forms from cha-cha, mambo, and Cuban dances. Great for couples who are looking for a fun activity to do together!


    We teach all sorts of different styles of disco dancing, which is why we love to teach it! You’ll spot influences from styles as diverse as swing, mambo, samba, and foxtrot! While disco might not be the most popular music genre out there, the dances are timeless and the hits will live on forever. Be prepared for a fun theme party or throw one of your own to show off your new moves!

    As you can see, we really do offer a plethora of different dance classes at our studio. Whether you’re getting ready for your wedding or you’re just looking for a way to get some exercise while meeting new people, dance lessons are your path to feeling happier and healthier! Our instructors love to teach people how to dance, because they themselves are wonderful dancers who love to share their passions with others. Contact us today for a free introductory dance lesson! In addition to our dance classes, we host an open dance every week where you can meet people from the other classes, get some exposure to other styles, and make new friends!

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  10. Are Dance Schools Just For Kids?

    Here at Fred Astaire Franchise Dance Studio in Reston, we get a lot of questions about our dance studio. People want to know what kind of classes we offer, how dance is good for the body and mind, and if dance schools are just for kids. Our answers are always the same: we offer many different kinds of dance classes in many different styles, including ballroom dancing, tango, foxtrot, and many others, dance is good for the body and mind because it helps make your body more fit and flexible and has been shown to stop or prevent depression in many different kinds of people, and dance schools are for everyone!

    While you might be a little old to throw caution to the wind and pursue dance as a full-time career, you’re never too old to learn how a new dance, meet new people, and have a lot of fun doing it! If you’re interested in learning more about how dance can benefit everyone of any age, read on. If you want to give it a shot right now, please give us a call or check out the rest of our website and see what kind of dances we teach, find some pictures of our incredible dance studio, and check out the calendar to see when we’re offering our next dance class.

    Dancing is Good for the Young and the Young at Heart

    While we most often think of dancing as a child’s pursuit, even our language prizes dancing. When someone is exceptionally happy they say that they “feel like dancing.” There’s a very simple reason for this: dancing is a part of who we are as humans. Because dancing is practiced by all cultures across the planet, it seems safe to say that is an essential human quality that just can’t be wished away.

    Since dancing is an intrinsic piece of the human puzzle, we should all embrace it when the mood strikes us. Maybe you don’t want to become a world-class salsa dancer but you do want to impress our significant other or be a hit at the next work party. Taking dance classes is a great way to make yourself feel younger because you’re engaging in a process of learning and fun that all people have experienced at some point or another.

    When you take a class at our Reston dance studio, you’ll be matched with a talented instructor who has been chosen because they love to share their passion for dance with other people. You’ll also be placed in a class with others who are at the same skill level as you so no one will feel embarrassed that they aren’t a superstar right from the jump. We want dance to be fun for you because it is fun for us.

    Contact us today to find out how you can find a new passion that is sure to keep you feeling young and vibrant! We offer classes in almost every style of dance you can think of so we’re sure to have something that is perfect for you!