If you are a social dancer, there is no question that you will be pulling out all stops for your first dance, but why should you take dance lessons in Herndon if you and your sweetheart are not dance inclined?

  • Quality time
    • Weddings, no matter how smoothly they run, are stressful events and it is all too easy to get caught up in the things that need to be done. Learning to dance together will help keep you focused on your relationship and give you alone time together.
  • Dancing is great for releasing stress
    • It is a great workout not to mention a lot of fun. Taking time to unwind will ensure that you look and feel great for the big day.
  • A moment alone
    • After all the planning, your wedding day is going to go by in a whirlwind of moments and guests. Your first dance together will give you a much needed moment alone together as a couple without friends and family demanding your attention.
  • Showcase your style
    • Well-meaning friends and family can often impose their tastes and opinions into your special day. Your wedding dance can show off your style as a couple. Pick a dance that speaks to you and that you will love to dance to.
  • Don’t leave your first dance to fate
    • Meeting the love of you life may have been fate, but your first dance shouldn’t be left up to whatever you feel like doing at the time. It is a moment that is going to be remembered through pictures for many years.

Who know, you may decide that you’ve enjoyed dancing so much that you will want to stick with it long after your wedding day is over!