It may be a surprise to you that the waltz was once considered to be a forbidden dance. It once held this reputation because partners were permitted to make contact which had never been seen in the dancehalls of Vienna. One can only imagine the reactions of high class men and women at that time! Many church officials and Austrian community leaders of the late eighteenth century denounced the waltz as immoral. Now considered one of the most popular dances, dance lessons in Herndon at Fred Astaire can get you waltzing away.

Origin Of The Waltz

The word waltz, comes from the German word, walzen, which means to roll, turn, or to glide. The waltz originated in the seventeenth century, in Vienna, Austria, and Bavaria, where it was first danced by peasants. It involved many fast turning movements, arms intertwining at shoulder level, and the closed-hold position, all of which drew the opposition of religious and community leaders. When the waltz was introduced in England, it was met with the same resistance, in large part because it was a country of stringent observance of rules and morals. By the middle of the nineteenth century, the waltz was accepted in the United States.

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