In our last article, we looked at some of the health benefits you gain from regularly dancing. We talked about how dancing can help to improve your balance and coordination, and how it can improve your overall aerobic fitness level. If you haven’t read that installment, check it out before reading any further! Here, we will look at two more great health benefits to dancing:

Weight management

Dancing is a great way to get in cardiovascular exercise. Regular cardio is a key to any successful weight management program. Dancing is a fun and easy way to work up a sweat and burn some calories. It is also a form of exercise that is easy to do at your own pace. If you are dancing at home, try staggering fast and slow songs as a form of interval training.

A boosted mood

Finally, like all exercise, dancing is a fantastic way to naturally boost your overall mood. Just like when you go for a run, endorphins are released when you are dancing. These hormones trigger pleasure receptors in your brain, and can help to improve even the grumpiest of moods. In addition, dancing with a partner can further boost your mood. Human touch has been shown to help boost a bad mood. When combined, these two factors make it nearly impossible to leave a dance session in a bad mood.

There you have it: the top four health benefits of dancing. Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of dancing? Sign up for one of our dance classes today!