Many young girls dream of being a ballerina. However, not all kids fall in love with dance lessons in Herndon once they’ve experienced them. How do  you know if dance classes are right for your child? Here’s a few basics about dancing for kids to help you make your decision:

  • What are the benefits of dance classes?
    • Dance is a fun activity for kids that exercises both the body and mind. In addition to increasing fitness levels, dance classes help with better posture, flexibility, creativity and even cultural understanding.
  • Consider your child’s personality
    • Are they confident, outgoing, and have a passion for rhythm and movement?
    • If your child is shy it may be best to hold  off until they make a better decision for themselves. Forcing your child into dance lessons when they are not ready may discourage them from the activity altogether.
    • Many studios allow parents to be present during class or view them from a lobby window. Watch your child to make sure they are smiling and having fun during class. Dance class is hard work but should first be enjoyable.
  • What age should kids start dance lessons?
    • Some studios start enrolling toddlers in class as early as 3 years old. Children younger than that lack the attention span and strong bones needed for basic dance lessons. A general rule of thumb might be to consider signing them up when they express interest in taking dance.

For kids who have found their passion in dance and want more flexibility than an organized class, a dance camp might be a better option. Stop in our studio today and let your child see how much fun dance is.