What do you need to dance? A few things, really. Curiosity. The willingness to trust somebody else. The courage to try something new. A good pair of shoes.

Try to think of your first pair of dancing shoes as an investment. Dancing with the wrong footwear can be a nightmare. If you’re concentrating on your feet, it should be for your footwork, not because your feet are killing you. At Fred Astaire in Reston, we know the right shoes can make a good dancer into a better dancer. Here are a few tips for keeping your feet in tip-top shape.

  • Don’t have much money? No problem, just transform shoes you already have. If you’ve got an older, comfortable pair, just take them to a local shoe repair store. Ask them to install a soft leather/split leather/suede dancer’s sole, after getting a price quote.
  • Visit a local retail dance supply store. You’ll most likely find dance sneakers and other affordable kinds of ballroom dance shoes.
  • Run a search online for “ballroom practice shoes.” Before you order anything, though, check the company’s return/exchange policy so you’re not stuck with shoes that you hate.
  • At some ballroom dance weekend events, the organizers will invite in an on-site shoe vendor. Check out their wares and try them on.
  • Ballroom dance studios frequently carry a variety of shoe styles. If you’re traveling, do a quick online search to see if one is nearby so you can try on a few options.