If you work in a creative field or you just like to create or invent in your free time, you’ve probably had long stretches of time where you just were not able to work on anything new or you had a hard time completing a project. If you feel like you have lost your spark, don’t fret! There is an easy way to pull yourself out of a slump that doesn’t require you to read a bunch of silly books that ambiguously talk about the creative process. All you have to do is sign up for dance classes at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston!

While dance lessons might seem like a strange way to make you a better innovator, there are many reasons why it is true. Read on to learn about a few of those reasons and then give us a call today to schedule your first, complimentary dance class!

Dance Can Jumpstart Your Creativity

Exercise has long been a way to keep physically fit, but there now seems to be a link between exercise and creativity. People in creative fields have reported that exercising allows them to use a part of their brain that might otherwise go unused. While this change is a good way to enhance your neural plasticity, it may also help you feel more creative. Creativity is, despite what a lot of people believe, largely dependent upon repetition. In order to become a good painter, writer, or product designer, you have to keep trying things in new ways. Learning a new skill allows your brain to take those lessons and make connections to the other skill. If you have been struggling with something, come learn how to dance. We think you’ll be happy with the positive influence dance lessons have on your other creative endeavors.

Dance is Another Form of Problem Solving

By allowing your brain to focus on something else, it can help other parts of your brain make different kinds of links that it hadn’t made before. Distracting yourself with something different is a great way to allow your subconscious mind to help complete work that your conscious mind has been struggling with. When we become too focused on something, we get tunnel vision and can’t see how other factors impact or create the problems we are trying to solve. When you learn how to dance, you are teaching your brain and your body how to solve several interweaved “problems” simultaneously. This approach can help your pursuits in other fields.

Whether you have been searching for an excellent new way to stay fit while having a lot of fun or you want to help your brain learn to think in new ways, dancing is a great way to do it. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reston, our classes are open to people of all ages and experience levels. No matter what kind of dance you want to learn, our instructors are passionate about movement and love to help people learn how to dance! Call us now to sign up for a dance lesson.