If you love to rock out in your car and throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, but cannot dance we are here to change that. Here are five reasons to take dance lessons in Herndon:

  • A great workout
    • Like most people who work on a computer all day, by 5pm, your neck and shoulders are super tense along with most of the major muscle groups. Your gym routine probably consists of the same workout every day, so dancing is a welcome and challenging change of pace. It utilizes muscles you didn’t even know you had. By the end of class, be prepared to be sore and totally energized.
  • It is a fun way to express yourself
    • If you are a crazy creative type who feels like your soul has shriveled up and died if you cannot express yourself. Dancing is a perfect outlet in an exhilarating and creative way.
  • It is a great stress reliever
    • Everyone knows physical activity is an effective stress buster, but pair that physical activity with music and emotional expression and you’ve got the best stress relief recipe ever.
  • You get to wear cute dance clothes
    • Totally shallow, but any time you get to channel Jennifer Beals in Flashdance you should take it.
  • It is scary
    • If you have never danced before or it has been awhile, the thought of taking a dance class is scary. One thing that is true in life is if something freaks you out, that’s the reason to dive in headfirst.

Sign up for our classes today and find out why learning to dance is the best decision you will ever make.